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Strengthen Your Gut 

The microbes in your gut not only help your body digest food, but they also help regulate your metabolism and your immune system. In fact, almost seventy percent of your immune system is in the gut.  Eating fermented food (think bio-live yogurt, miso, kimchi, kefir, sauerkraut) popping a probiotic or increasing dosage if you are already on […]

Reduce Inflammation

Studies have shown that a high intake of simple sugars  decreases white blood cell production by up to 50%. Eating a diet based on wholefoods and loading up on antioxidant rich vegetables and fruit will boost your overall health and help protect you from other viruses and infections. On the other hand, a diet that […]

Reduce Stress 

Yes, we are living in very strange times however stressing about it to no end is counterproductive. Stress causes an anti-inflammatory response within the body as it activates your fight-or-flight response by releasing stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. This in turn suppresses your immune system which then leaves you more susceptible to infections. […]

Terrigal Chiropractic COVID19 Clinic Update

To all of our lovely patients and their families, We are in challenging times, and it goes without saying there is a lot of uncertainty across the country. As a patient of our clinic we want to reassure you that we are doing everything at Terrigal Chiropractic and Natural Therapies to ensure your safety and […]

Watch Your Spine When Surfing This Summer!

It’s summer! What better way to celebrate the season in this beautiful country than to be out amongst the surf and sand (all while wearing sunscreen and protective clothing of course), but if you’re one of the 2.7 million recreational surfers in Australia then you’ll want to keep reading. Dr Andrew Burgess, a member of […]

School Lunches Unpacked

One thing I noticed when chatting to other parents about the start of the new school year is that even though everyone is so ready for the kids to go back to school, there is almost always a mention of the chore of making school lunches. The 2 biggest issues are keeping it interesting and […]

Remember SANTA This Christmas!

Christmas is almost here! Whether you’re looking forward to the all the Christmas feasts to come, the break off work or spending time with family, this season is a time for a little R&R (except when we stress about finding those perfect gifts). As much as we want to rest our minds, our spines are […]

Three Common Walking Myths, Busted!

When it comes to exercise, walking doesn’t always get the respect it deserves — and it’s time that changed. Before buying into the idea that walking isn’t a worthwhile workout, learn the truth behind these three common walking myths. There is a great feeling of accomplishment when your fitness tracker buzzes to signal you hit […]


  Summer is on its way! The weather’s getting warmer, flowers are blooming and what better way to celebrate the start of the season than with a little bit of spring-cleaning! Whether it’s the dreaded weekly housework or a big clean out, aches, pains and strains on our spine can easily occur from these basic […]

How to Keep Your Joints Healthy

Most people think about healthy movement as the act of exercising. This includes cardio, crunches, abs and weight lifting. But moving is so much more than looking good on the beach. Movement translates to improved brain function and thinking, stronger relationships and ultimately living your life’s purpose. It’s no secret: Human life has become structured in a way that makes it […...