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Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Iliotibial Band Syndrome, or ITBS, is one of the most common causes of pain that is felt on the outside of the knee. It is most common in runners, hikers and cyclists, but any athlete who plays sports that require repeated knee flexion can find themselves dealing with IT Band pain. The Iliotibial Band is […]

Tips for a Healthy Spine

Approximately 80-90% of the population suffers from spinal pain at some point. A healthy spine is an often overlooked and essential part of a healthy lifestyle. People, who suffer from back pain, particularly if it is long-term, are generally less healthy than those who do not. It’s important for you to try to keep your spine […]

Tips for Christmas Holiday Driving

Christmas holidays traditionally see families travelling up or down our beautiful country to spend this special time with relatives. To help you get there pain free, your Chiropractor offers the following hints: Have niggling back and neck pain checked out before you leave. Long drives will always highlight any spinal problems. Take care when loading […]

Sleep Blog

Sleeping problems account for millions of hours of lost work, along with billions of dollars in medication and doctor bills. Sleeplessness has resulted in people seeking prescription medication, life style changes and relationship modifications. Chiropractors can offer alternative, holistic approaches to treat sleeplessness. Sleep performs three vital functions to sustain life and vitality: Sleep ...

Chiropractic Check-ups

When it comes to good health for you and your family, preventing a problem is much easier than treating a problem. In the long run, prevention also costs much less. Chiropractic care is valuable for you, and is valuable for your children. Kids are natural explorers – they run, jump, climb things, fall down, and […]

Acute Back Pain

At the first sign of back pain, there are a few simple things you can do to provide short term relief and give your back the best chance of healing quickly. Make sure you call your Chiropractor to book an appointment, below are tips to help you manage your back pain: Stay active: It may be tempting […]

Winter Sports

Sport is an important part of the culture in Australia, with a long history in the country dating back to the pre-colonial period. Australia’s mild winters mean that in most parts of Australia, regular outdoor sports can be played all year, and indeed more vigorous sports are more comfortably played in winter. Did you know that there […]

Exercise and Core Stability

The phrase “core stability” is one that gets thrown around a lot by trainers, athletes, therapists and doctors.  The average person probably knows that they need good core stability, but may not exactly understand why. We have all been told we need it and that it will prevent us from hurting our backs, pelvises and […]


If you’re a sufferer of headaches or migraines, you don’t need convincing that they’re one of the most painful, debilitating conditions you could possibly suffer. There are many different names for headaches, such as cephalgia, migraines, cluster headaches, tension headaches.   A frequent and overlooked cause of headaches is the of irritation to the nerves […]

The Spine

The spine is made of 33 individual bones stacked one on top of the other. Ligaments and muscles connect the bones together and keep them aligned. The spinal column provides the main support for your body, allowing you to stand upright, bend, and twist. Protected deep inside the bones, the spinal cord connects your body to […]